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  • Law Partner/Vendor List
    SFTLA would like to thank the following for their
    generous support

    Event Vendor Sponsorships 


    Committee Sponsorships 


    Champion of Justice
    Lesti Structured Settlements

    New Lawyers Division Sponsor
    Gold Sponsor360 Financial, LLC

    Defender of Justice
    Thomson Reuters

    Matthew Herrick/Morgan Stanley Wealth Management

    360 Financial, LLC

    Physician Life Care Planning

    Judicate West

    Sage Settlement Consulting


    Melissa Baldwin Settlements



    Women's Caucus Sponsor

    The Veen Firm &
    Melissa Baldwin Settlements

    Friend of Justice

    Aragon-Haas Insurance Brokers

    The Veen Firm

    Creative Legal Funding

    Lawyer's Mutual

    First Legal

    GoCloud Office, Inc.

    Expert Institute

    Mechanics Bank

    Cogent Legal


    Robson Forensic

    KLE Nurse Consultants

    The Lien Project


    Associate of Justice

    Pacific Liability Research

    Rhino Investigation

    Diversity Committee Mixer Sponsors
    360 Financial, LLC
    Creative Legal Funding





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