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  • Annual Mock Trial

    SFTLA Annual Mock Trial

    Four CA law schools square off in the sumptuous quarters of courtrooms one and three at the Ninth Circuit court in downtown San Francisco. Retired judges from ADR Services and JAMS act as judges while SFTLA Board Members and members act as the jury and evaluators. There is a morning and an afternoon session- with the four team rotating what school they face off with and who is plaintiff and defense.

    The problem is created by a committee and is typically based off of a real case. Schools are provided with the problem, exhibits and testimony. Teams are randomly assigned Plaintiff and Defense by SFTLA. Schools are supplied the problem in the beginning of September. LCD and screen equipment is provided by SFTLA.

    School teams consist of two attorneys and two witnesses. Each attorney team member will receive a check from the Carlene Caldwell Scholarship. The top winning team will receive $1,000 each, 2nd place team Members will receive $500 each and team members of the other two teams will receive $250 each. All student participants also receive a one year’s membership to SFTLA.

    The Carlene Caldwell Scholarship fund was set up to celebrate the life and contributions of SFTLA’s long time Executive Director, Carlene Caldwell. The fund is generated by donations made by SFTLA Members and friends and through money generated at the annual Silent Auction at SFTLA’s annual Holiday Party.

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