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    Dr. David Atkins [mini]

    Dr. Joanna Berg

    Dr. Peter Cassini [mini]

    Dr. Floyd Fortuin

    Dr. William Hoddick

    Dr. Thomas Mampalam [mini]

    Dr. Bruce McCormack

    Dr. Paul Mills

    Dr. Rayshad Oshtory [mini]

    Dr. Bernard Rappaport

    Dr. Ronald Roberts [mini]

    Dr. Richard Ruebenstein

    Dr. Paul Perchonock [mini]

    Dr. Charles Sciaroni

    Dr. James Soong

    Dr. Michael Star [mini]

    Dr. Mark Strassberg


    These collections of depositions, medical reports and trial testimonies are available for purchase through SFTLA at the cost of $249.00 (per packet) for SFTLA members, $349.00 (per packet) for non-members.  Not a member?  You can be!  Click Here!

    You must be a plaintiff's attorney to purchase these materials.  

    How to purchase:

    You can register and pay online quickly and securely by clicking the name of the packet you would like to order above.

    OR you can submit a check along with the signed Plaintiff's Only Contract (Click to View) to the SFTLA office:
    311 California Street, Suite 620, SF, CA 94104 // 415-956-6680 // staff@sftla.org

    Please inform us if you need your order rushed. This process can sometimes take up to two weeks.

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