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    Dr. David Atkins [mini]

    Dr. Joanna Berg

    Dr. Peter Cassini [mini]

    Dr. Floyd Fortuin

    Dr. William Hoddick 

    Dr. Thomas Mampalam [mini]

    Dr. Bruce McCormack

    Dr. Paul Mills

    Dr. Rayshad Oshtory [mini]

    Dr. Bernard Rappaport

    Dr. Ronald Roberts [mini]

    Dr. Richard Ruebenstein

    Dr. Paul Perchonock [mini]

    Dr. Charles Sciaroni

    Dr. James Soong

    Dr. Michael Star [mini]

    Dr. Mark Strassberg


    These collections of depositions, medical reports and trial testimonies are available for purchase through SFTLA. Not a member? Save now! Click Here!

    You must be a plaintiff's attorney to purchase these materials.  

    How to purchase:

    You can register and pay online quickly and securely by clicking the name of the packet you would like to order above.

    All packets sent upon execution and return of the Plaintiff's Only Contract (Click to View) to staff@sftla.org

    Please inform us if you need your order rushed. This process can sometimes take up to two weeks.

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