E-CLE |Feeling Insecure? The Negative Security Case Examined


Chair: Rob Cartwright 

Speakers: Audrey Siegel, Thomas Girardi, Mark Meredith, Seth Rosenberg 

Program description:

This seminar will feature noted trial lawyers who have obtained outstanding results in difficult security cases. The particular cases will be examined and the formulas for success in those cases revealed. 

Negligent security is a broad area that may encompass premises theories, such as failure to have a surveillance system, or adequate locks, to negligence theories such as  improper staff training, excessive force, insufficient background checks, understaffing, failure to warn and other issues that lead to injury, assault or death. We may touch on overlapping law enforcement issues such as qualified immunity and misconduct of security and law enforcement personnel. 


  • Qualified immunity vs. negligence standard
  • Bars and bouncers
  • Hotels
  • Nightclub security
  • Event security/sports events
  • False arrest
  • Excessive force
  • Retail security
  • Background checks
  • Apartment security
  • Standard of care
  • Security management and training
  • Company security policies and procedures
  • Negligent hiring
  • Burglar alarm and security systems
  • Schools
  • Active shooter protocols

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