The Trojan Horse Method



Trojan Horse workshops have seven students and one instructor per class. This allows adequate time for each student to present three to four times per session, six to eight times per day.

The students are given a personal story at the beginning of each session by a witness/ participant.  During the storytelling process, the witness discovers how to become a better storyteller and the students learn how to experience an emotionally congruent story. After the story, a staff member presents a two-minute re-telling of the witness’ story, demonstrating how to create the space, deliver dialogue, eliminate narrative, and connect the audience to the story.  Students are then required to do the same. The goal is to TRANSPORT the audience into the story. THM teaches presentation skills, witness prep, rhetoric, and case framing. We teach only plaintiff’s and criminal defense attorneys. 


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Cancellation Policy

No refunds will be made for cancellations, however, substitutes may attend in place for a registrant. Non-members substituting for members must pay difference in price.