Attorneys have an array of data collection technological techniques at their fingertips (laser scans of scenes and evidence, drone scans, 4k video, 360-degree photo and video recordings, 3D models, laser printing and more.)

This roundtable will examine the fast-changing technology available in the area of scene and evidence preservation, as well as how such data and information is used throughout discovery, mediation and trial. Specific topics will include:

  • Real case examples of data collection technologies and how they are leveraged in litigation to the fullest possible extent. 
  • Cost benefit analysis of each of the various tools and under what situations each might be best suited, as well as the expert foundations necessary for admissions of such evidence at trial.


Morgan C. Smith (Chair) spent most of his legal career dedicated to litigating high-value plaintiff cases while he was a partner at the Arns Law Firm. Six years ago, Morgan combined his litigation background with strong creative and visual communication skills to found Cogent Legal, a litigation graphics company. Morgan's unique skill set enables him to strategize with other attorneys, while his team creates persuasive visuals to make their case. His guiding principle for any demonstrative is: Strong Advocacy+ Great Visuals= Winning Results!

Jeffrey R. Smith (Chair) is the managing partner of Abramson Smith Waldsmith, LLP in San Francisco. Jeff represents clients throughout California in complex catastrophic injury and wrongful death cases involving governmental torts, products liability, premises liability and vehicular accidents. Jeff studied and worked in graphic design before entering the legal profession, and regularly assists fellow attorneys on the topics of technology in the legal profession, the electronic creation of visual aids, and the electronic presentation of evidence at mediatins, arbitrations and trial. While attempting to remain at the forefront of technology, he retains the traditional values of personal attention and hard work on which Abramson Smith Waldsmith, LLP was founded. Jeff has been chosen as a rising star from 2010 through the present by Northern California Super Lawyers magazine. 

Miles B. Cooper (Chair), a partner at Emison Hullverson, LLP, represents people with serious injury and death claims. As a cyclist and cycling advocate, bicycling incidents are his passion. In addition to preparing his own cases, he associates as trial counsel and consults on trial matters. He has sesrved as lead counsel, co-counsel, second seat and schlepper over his career and is a member of the American Board of Trial Advocates. His columnm, Back Story, appears monthl in Plaintiff magazine. Outside his cases, Cooper's interests include trial presentation technologies and car-free city living. 



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