Getting Your Head in the Game



Karen Jo Koonan will teach you how to turn difficult clients into happy clients by focusing your client on what is important for deposition,mediation and trial. Need help dealing with the stressof a difficult client, opposing counsel or law practice? Jeena Cho will teach you how to get your mind right so that you can reach your maximum potential as an attorney and human being.


Sandra Ribera Speed (moderator) started Ribera Law Firm in 2011. Ribera Law Firm
focuses on zealous advocacy for plaintiff s in personal injury and civil rights/employment
matters. In 2012, Ms. Ribera Speed joined the legal team headed by the renowned
personal injury fi rm, Panish Shea & Boyle, to represent Katherine Jackson and Michael
Jackson’s children in the wrongful death action against concert promoter AEG Live.
Th roughout 2013, Ms. Ribera Speed was on the front lines at the nearly six month trial
in LA, which ultimately found AEG Live responsible for hiring the doctor that was convicted
of causing Michael Jackson’s death. Ms. Ribera Speed also regularly co-counsels
with prominent civil rights trial attorney, Angela Alioto, where together they relentlessly
prosecute employers for their unlawful treatment of employees. No matter what type of
client, Ms. Ribera Speed understands that involvement in legal action of any sort can be
an emotional experience. Th us, she prioritizes making herself available to her clients as
much as possible in order to provide them with the peace of mind that their legal concerns
are being addressed competently and to their satisfaction.

Jeena Cho, in addition to her law practice, teaches mindfulness and meditation to lawyers.
She regularly speaks and writes about wellness, self-care and mindfulness. She also
works with lawyers and law fi rms on stress management, work-life balance, career transition,
increasing productivity and overall wellness.

Karen Jo Koonan joined NJP Litigation Consulting in 1987. Her expertise is highly regarded
in the areas of mock jury research, trial simulations and in-court assistance with jury selection. She has also developed a unique and eff ective methodology for witness preparation for trial testimony and deposition. Her specifi c areas of emphasis include: personal injury; employment discrimination and civil rights; products liability; commercial litigation.


                                Lite lunch will be served
Registration begins at 11:30am

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