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    Why Join?

    SFTLA provides a unique venue to share resources and ideas in a congenial atmosphere. SFTLA is dedicated to providing Members with the very best and strives to ensure that all events, CLEs and products offered are of the highest caliber. 

    Take a look through SFTLA's Membership Benefits and you'll see why joining SFTLA is a must for any Bay Area legal professional. Joining couldn't be easier – complete the Membership Application and start enjoying your new benefits today!


    Benefits Include 

    · Discounted rates on continuing legal education (CLE) 

    · Access to SFTLA's CLE video library 

    · Access to SFTLA sponsored List Serves 

    · SFTLA's quarterly newsletter: The Trial Lawyer 

    · Social and networking events with prominent attorneys, judges, mediators and politicians throughout the year 

    · Free one-year subscription to DepoConnect, a national deposition bank (Plaintiff only) 

    · Active Women's Caucus 

    · Group health, vision, life and dental insurance benefits 

    · Discounted rates on disability insurance 

    · Volunteer and mentor opportunities 

    In addition, SFTLA runs an annual Mock Trial Competition and provides scholarship opportunities for law students through the Carlene Caldwell Scholarship and the Diversity Committee Trial Advocacy Fellowship. 

    Questions or comments: Call (415) 956-6401 or e-mail info@sftla.org


    Upcoming SFTLA Events

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