SFTLA Committees

SFTLA Board Committee Assignments


Advisory Committee to the Board

The Board Advisory Committee shall consist of former Board of Directors members who have completed their tenure on the Board of Directors and wish to continue in an advisory capacity for the benefit of the Board and the organization generally. Advisory Committee Members will provide their opinions, act as consultants, and otherwise continue to provide guidance to the Board of Directors. Committee Members are:


Tony David

Steve Stein

Steve Tigerman


Committee on Directors:

The COD’s mission shall be to seek out and help grow current members into Board Members, conduct bi-annual BOD application process, on-board new BOD members. Committee Members are:

Mary Catherine Wiederhold, Chair

Karine Bohbot

Beau Burbidge

Mark Zanobini 

Boone Callaway

Bobby Shukla

Markus Willoughby

Karman Guadagni

Quinton Cutlip

The Carlene Caldwell Scholarship Committee:

The Scholarship Committee shall promote SFTLA's mission of excellence in trial advocacy by effectively organizing and administering a trial competition between four San Francisco Law Schools. Committee Members will also solicit items for the Silent Auction which helps fund the program. Committee members are:

Ike Kaludi, Co-Chair

Markus Willoughby, Co-Chair

Anne Costin, Co-Chair

Karine Bohbot

Anoush Lancaster

Jennifer Sommers

Jennifer Fiore

Education Committee:

The Education Committee shall develop and produce continuing legal education programs. Committee members are:

Robert Cartwright, Co-Chair

Andje Medina, Co-Chair

Sara Peters, Co-Chair

Dan Veroff

Audrey Siegel

Ingrid Evans

Christopher Morales

Sandra Ribera Speed

Lee Harris

Larry Organ 

Al Stoll

Jennifer Fiore

Gregory Brod

Scott Sumner

Elinor Leary

 Diversity Committee:

It is the mission of the Diversity Committee to promote diversity - of gender, race, national origin, sexual orientation, age, disability, religion and background more generally - within the members of the organization and of the Board in order to better serve our diverse community of clients. Committee members are:

Boone Callaway, Co-Chair 

Chuck Geerhart, Co-Chair

Josephine Alioto

David Bigeleisen

Beau Burbidge

Sara Craig

Selome Getachew

Che Hashim

Ike Kaludi

George Kawamoto

Wesley Lowe

Audrey Siegel

Bobby Shukla

Kelly Van Aken

Experts Committee:

The Experts Committee shall develop programs and materials related to expert witness for the benefit of the membership. Committee members are:

Quinton Cutlip, Co-Chair

Nina Shapirshteyn

Todd Walburg

John Hill

Finance Committee:

The purpose of the Finance Committee is to assist the Treasurer in making recommendations as needed to the Board regarding (1) SFTLA's financial policies and (2) management of SFTLA’s investments. The Committee shall not engage in the daily financial operations of SFTLA. The Finance Committee shall consist of Board Members only. Committee members are the current Executive team with the Treasurer as Chair.


Sponsorship & Fundraising Committee:

This committee’s mission is to help retain current sponsors, identify and convert new prospects into sponsors.  Evaluate all events to determine the types of sponsors that could work.  Create and maintain a Vendor Code of Conduct. Assist in fundraising efforts in addition to obtaining sponsorships.

Rob Cartwright, Co-Chair

Demian Oksenendler, Co-Chair

Anthony Label

Loren Schwartz

Markus Willoughby

Quinton Cutlip

Dan Dell Osso

Magazine Committee:

The Magazine Committee shall develop and produce the membership publication Trial Lawyer and be responsible for all aspects of its production and marketing. Committee members are:

Bobby Shukla, Editor

Deborah Rosenthal, Co-Editor

Chris Nolan, Columnist

Emily McGrath Stehr

Chuck Geerhart

Al Stoll

Isabelle tan

Valerie McGinty

Jennifer Fiore

Membership Committee:

The Membership Committee will assist in maintaining and growing the SFTLA membership and will provide guides on new benefits offered to members. Committee members are:

Loren Schwartz, Chair

Quinton Cutlip

Demian Oksenendler

Blair Walsh

Mikayla Kellogg

Mark Zanobini

Andje Medina

Sandra Ribera Speed

Scott Sumner

New Lawyers Division:

NLD will create programs and events for new lawyers, in order that SFTLA may serve that population better.

Committee members are:

Beau Burbidge, Co-Chair

Karman Guadagni, Co-Chair

Edward M. Anaya

Brian Lance

Clifton Smoot

Isabelle Tan

Sean Makarin

Mark Thomas

Demian Oksenendler

Colby Kuvara

Loren Schwartz

Brittany Rogers

Trial Court Oversight Committee:

Committee will provide trial court oversight by monitoring the operation of the San Francisco Superior Court, and other Bay Area courts as necessary, to ensure the efficient administration of civil cases and assignments of cases to trial, fair methods of obtaining jury pools, and maintenance of a neutral environment for jurors. The Chair of the Committee will also act as a liaison with the San Francisco Superior Court to exchange information on issues relevant to our members and clients. Committee members are:

Lee Harris, Co-Chair

John Hill, Co-Chair


Women's Caucus Committee:

This Committee is responsible for developing programs of particular interest to women attorneys and for developing and encouraging the membership of such attorneys in SFTLA. Committee members are:

Lex Hamilton, Co-Chair

Sandra Ribera Speed, Co-Chair

June Bashant

Rebecca Gray 

Andje Medina

Isabelle Tan

Karine Bohbot

Blair Walsh

Shannan Dugan

Colby Kuvara

Bobby Shukla

Mary Catherine Wiederhold

Audrey Siegel

Ingrid Evans

Lisa Mak

Julie Erickson

Brittany Rogers

AD Hoc Committees & Liason Positions


CAOC Liaison:

Lee Harris

AAJ Liaison: 

Rob Cartwright

Chris Dolan

Trial Watch Liaison:




Trial Lawyer of the Year:

Karine Bohbot


Judges Dinner Dance:

Rob Cartwright


Holiday Party:

Chuck Geerhart and Chairs of Mock Trial





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