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    David Ball on a Tom Vesper Trial: Winning Hard Cases

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    Save $50 by registering for this five-part series or click on the links below to register for the individual programs.

    Learn how to use David Ball's successful techniques to maximize damages during each step of any personal injury trial and in every kind of negligence case by examining the actual video taped trial excerpts from a recent Tom Vesper jury trial.

    This five-part seminar will take you into the courtroom and in front of the jury with Tom Vesper as David Ball dissects and analyzes one of Tom Vesper's most difficult cases (one of the largest slip and fall verdicts in New Jersey) to demonstrate what works, what doesn't work, and what new techniques can achieve even better results.

    Many of the "typical" defenses will be discussed and addressed, including:
    •"Symptom Magnifier," aka malingerer
    •"No Objective Signs" of injury
    •No causation
    •Pre-existing medical condition
    •No negligence
    •Plaintiff assumed the risk

    This case provides an excellent example and overview of how David Ball's techniques can be used to rebutt any type of defense argument, and includes practical application of the techniques taught in David Ball on Damages along with important updates that are revolutionizing trial advocacy. See how the techniques are actually applied before a live jury and also learn valuable updates to the damages book by David Ball.

    Don't miss this exciting series from two of the masters of trial advocacy and jury awards!

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