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    Mission Statement: San Francisco Trial Lawyers Association (SFTLA) promotes civil justice through education and trial advocacy.  For over fifty years,  SFTLA has served the needs of the plaintiff's bar. Continuing the traditions started by a small group of legal warriors, SFTLA is committed to providing quality continuing legal education, preserving access to justice for everyone, and creating social and networking opportunities.


    As a member of SFTLA you will enjoy special rates on:

    SFTLA offers a number of group (and/or discounted rates on) health, dental, vision, life, professional liability and disability plans.

    Trial Watch

    SFTLA Listserver - have instant access to the expertise/resources of all of our Members.

    Office supplies and furniture

    SFTLA seminars

    Conference calls

    National depo bank - instant access from anywhere 24/7

    Trial exhibit printing - high quality printing with a rapid turnaround time

    Private IT Support: discount on support for individual & small businesses

    Design services including logo design, business systems (business card, letterhead, etc), website design, brochures, ads and more

    Have a car without owning one, by the hour or by the day, to get things done or just have fun with ZipCar. 

    Document shredding

    Flexible spending plan for child-care expenses or medical expenses

    BASF Mediation services

    Electronic discovery consultancy and service provider

    Court reporting services

    Tickets to events, theme parks, movie rentals and more

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    Upcoming SFTLA Events

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