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    Law Student Benefits 

    » Network with attorneys by sharing resources on the SFTLA sponsored Listserver

    » Trial Advocacy Fellowship Program

    » Law Student Internship Program

    » Free invite to SFTLA Social Events

    » New Lawyers Division Committee

    » Group health, vision and life insurance benefits for you and your family

    » Discounted rates on Disability Insurance

    » Free subscription to SFTLA’s quarterly newsletter, The Trial Lawyer

    » Access to SFTLA’s MCLE video library

    » Discounted rates on Membership to San Francisco Tennis Club

    » Opportunities throughout the year to socialize with prominent local attorneys, judges, mediators and politicians

    » Keep informed through SFTLA’s monthly member mailings

    » Get involved in your community by volunteering

    » Active Women’s Caucus





    Upcoming SFTLA Events

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