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    The San Francisco Trial Lawyers Association (“SFTLA”) Diversity Committee has established a Fellowship Program to introduce a diverse group of law students to the plaintiffs’ bar generally and to the SFTLA specifically.  The Fellowship Program (the “Program”) will allow selected students to observe the work of trial attorneys as part of a summer-long mentoring program.  Fellows will gain exposure to the work of trial attorneys by “shadowing” three mentor law firms, each for a three to four week period.  Fellows will attend depositions, hearings, settlement proceedings, and possibly even trial with their mentors.  They will also have the opportunity to work on short-duration projects, including a writing assignment.

    The Program is open to law students who (1) have completed their first or second year (or equivalent) of law school; (2) exhibit a diversity of traits and attributes in age, race, gender, sexual orientation, disabilities, ethnicity, religion, socio-economic factors or national origin or demonstrate a commitment to fostering such diversity within the legal community; and (3) demonstrate a strong interest in and/or commitment to representing plaintiffs in civil actions.

    Four fellowships will be awarded.  The Fellows will be selected based on information provided in the written application materials, including the applicant’s commitment to the goals of diversity and interest in representing plaintiffs in civil actions.  Other factors include past work experience and relevant coursework.  Applicants selected for consideration based on the written materials will then be personally interviewed by members of the SFTLA Diversity Committee.  The Fellows will be selected following the interviews.

    The program will run for 12 weeks – May through August 2019.  Fellows will be asked to commit to a minimum of 40 hours per week for 12 weeks during the summer.  They will be assigned to three different Mentor Firms, each for a three to four week period.  The Mentor Firms vary by practice areas and by size.  All Mentor Firms represent plaintiffs in civil actions; the practice areas include personal injury, employment, civil rights, and consumer law.  Fellows will primarily “shadow” senior attorneys at the Mentor Firms and secondarily assist in discrete projects within the Mentor Firm.  The goal is to provide Fellows with the opportunity to observe a number of different trial lawyers during different aspects of litigation, including conducting depositions, attending hearings, meeting with clients, or trial.  Mentors will ensure that the Fellows are primarily engaged in observing a variety of tasks confronting trial lawyers in advocating on behalf of clients.  At the end of the Program, Fellows will be required to complete a written evaluation and an exit interview.
    Stipend Amount

    Participants in the SFTLA Summer 2020 Trial Advocacy Fellowship Program will receive a stipend of $7,500 for the summer. To be paid in 4 installments.


    Application Process


    Students seeking consideration for a Fellowship must submit their application no later than October 17, 2019. Based upon qualifications, the SFTLA Fellowship Selection Committee will invite applicants to be interviewed. Interviews will be scheduled throughout the month of November. Students selected for the Fellowship will be notified in the month of December.
    Each applicant should submit the following:
    1)      Application
    2)      Current Resume
    3)      Personal Statement
    a.      Applicants should discuss their interest and, if applicable, commitment to representing plaintiffs in civil actions and how they believe the          Program will further that goal.
    b.      Applicants should also discuss their view on the role of diversity in the practice of law.
    Complete an online application:


    Alternately, you can print the application and mail or fax to the address below:
    2020 SFTLA Trial Advocacy Fellowship Program
    San Francisco Trial Lawyers Association
    311 California Street, Suite 620
    San Francisco, CA 94104
    415.956.6401 (voice)
    415.956.6680 (fax)
    Program Contact: Whitney Shadden

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